So most of us are without doubt just waiting for the next United Airlines disaster. Luckily not the type of disaster we could usually associate with an airline company but a social and combined business suicide created by its hotheaded staff, or so we are meant to believe.

To think this happened once is bad enough but twice, just last week another video emerged of a woman being hit in the face with her child screaming in her arms and if that wasn’t bad enough it was by a male attendant – A very angry looking bald man.

So for United Airlines, the cost of dragging a passenger off a overbooked flight and punching a mother in the face added up fast “United Continental Holdings” lost and estimated $255 million of the airline’s market value in one day.

Market watchers say the advent of social media and the quick dissemination of news and images around the globe can pose problems for companies and cause the stocks to fluctuate wildly at least in the short term now with two events in two weeks we cannot help but think of who actually might be behind this.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds and dollars were made by single day traders in a matter of minutes all on what could only of been a certain downfall in stock. A company quietly betting against itself could bring in years profit in the space of a week.

Just a little food for thought or should I say I wish I was the CEO of United Airlines.