Moscow has once again had to dismiss allegations suggesting it is involved in cyber attacks against the campaign French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.

“It resembles the accusations made by Washington, which this day remain hollow, doing no honor to the people making them,” Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, as cited by TASS

on Tuesday press reported that Japan-based antivirus research group at trend Micro said the campaign of Macron’s En Marche! Movement was targeted by Rush and link hackers – as quoted.

Of course the report quickly spread in the Western media, and as usual suggesting Russia’s meddling in the French presidential campaign and the rest of the world’s campaigns for anything against reform of the Western world.


The campaign’s digital chief, Monunir Mahjoubi, confirmed the attempted intrusions in a telephone interview late Monday but said they had all been thwarted

“it’s serious, but nothing was compromised,” he said.

Doesn’t sound so serious to us. The old saying the boy who cried Wolf comes to mind so we sit back and relax whilst this scenario plays itself out.