Image caption The Guardian reports that US President Donald Trump has been branded “a shocking and shameful racist” by the UN human rights office, following remarks he made about immigration in a meeting with senators.
Image caption Mr Trump also makes the front page of the Daily Mail, which reveals the president could miss out on an invitation to Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle later this year as a royal source tells the paper “there is no reason he would be invited”.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Times reports that Mr Trump’s decision to cancel his trip to the UK, followed a series of “perceived slights” which the paper suggests could include his clashes with the prime minister and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph carries a warning from the banks; that customers will be left at the mercy of hackers, as new banking rules come into force that will require financial institutions to share customer data with each other at the request of account holders.
Image caption “Dumph Humph” says the Sun, with claims the BBC is facing demands to sack Radio 4 Today programme presenter John Humphreys over leaked comments he made about the gender pay gap.
Image caption The Financial Times reports that one of the government’s biggest contractors, the construction and management group Carillion, is “fighting for survival” as lenders urge Downing Street to intervene.
Image caption The Daily Express reports that six “simple rules”, including eating healthily and taking regular exercise, can cut the risk of developing dementia and help “preserve mental function” into old age.
Image caption And the Daily Star has an unconventional method for beating the latest strain of flu, as medics urge Brits to “get steamy”.

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