Liverpool did a deal with the Germans last year to sign Keita in the upcoming summer window.

But, after selling Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona, Liverpool are hoping to bring the move forward.

Talk of the move happening sooner has escalated this weekend with it emerging he has registered a company in the UK.

Bundelisga expert Lee Price has told Express Sport the deal could happen and transfer guru Ian McGarry believes talks are close to reaching an agreement.

McGarry told The Transfer Window podcast: “I do believe that an agreement is close to be agreed and Liverpool will have to play in the region of close to £12m extra to RB Leipzig in order to progress Keita’s registration in this window.

“And why not? An extra £12m when you’ve just taken a profit of around £130m for what you paid for Philippe Coutinho, even with the (Virgil) Van Dijk deal put in there as well.

“I think Liverpool are moving up in the world. They are genuinely going up into that ‘super club’ atmosphere of a club who are willing to spend tens of millions of one deal and then another deal after that.

“Credit to (owners) FSG and for backing Jurgen Klopp’s judgement when he’s not returned any trophies so far.

“Clearly there is some sort of confidence in Klopp’s management because they will give him this amount of spending power.”


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