Football Leaks, in partnership with French outlet Mediapart, have published the exact details of what Messi earns after getting their hands on his contract.

Messi, 30, penned a new deal with Barcelona back in August and it will see him earn a staggering €100 million (£89m) a year until 2021.

Messi earns around £44.5m net which equates to more than double the amount of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football Leaks also exposed Neymar’s net annual earnings which are approximately £33m.

Messi earns a fixed £63m gross of which 15 percent comes from image rights and a loyalty bonus of £62m if he does not leave Barcelona before the end of his contract.

There are also a series of bonus clauses which will see Messi top up his already huge earnings.

If Messi plays 60 percent of the games, he’ll pocket a further £1.7m gross. Another £10.7m will be on its way if Barcelona win the Champions League.

It all contributes to the Argentine sensation earning around £1.7m when everything is considered.


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