Frank Field said the “empty bowls will come out” from member states after and Germany would have to foot the bill.

Speaking on Daily Politics on the BBC, the Labour MP added the country should use that “power” in negotiations.

He said: “Clearly those who know about negotiations aren’t in charge of what’s actually going on now.

“The whole thing is meandering all over the place, there is no central drive.

“The key fact is, when we withdraw, if there is no agreement, there is no money coming in, so the empty bowls from Poland and all the rest will be coming out saying ‘where’s our money’ to the Germans.

“The Germans will say ‘there is no money’, there’s going to be a most mega crisis.

“So, at this stage, because they need our money, the boot will go onto the other foot and we actually need to actually stress that, power will start to come to us the nearer we get to the final parts of the negotiation.”

Mr Field’s comments come as the Chief Executive of the German Chamber of Commerce (DIHK) said the impact of a no deal Brexit scenario would have “grave consequences” for the German economy and cost the nation billions.

Martin Wansleben insisted the EU is right to issue Britain with an ultimatum as talks continue. 

He warned a  

Mr Wansleben said: “On March 30, 2019, the British are probably out of the EU. Therefore a no-deal Brexit is becoming more likely. For the German economy that would have grave consequences.

“Brussels is rightly increasing pressure and giving the British an ultimatum. Because the sixth Brexit round of negotiations has ended with barely noticeable progress again.”

Mr Wansleben told the German newspaper Welt: “In the car sector alone, the export of motor vehicles faces €2.35 billion additional customs costs.”

In the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, German exports of more than €11bn would generate customs duties of around €200 million per year.

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